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Satnam’s Tash

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Ain’t Real

I took a ride

That changed my life

I was in the backseat

God was at the wheel

Taught me how the moon

And the stars

Ain't real

Later I went home

But it wasn't my home anymore

I stayed for a while and did some thinking

About how the moon and the stars

And the world

Ain't real

Now I know why there's pain

And what happens when we die

I could explain it to you

But you would have to listen

Then decide

I could write it on a postcard

A postcard that ain't real

I'd tell you how the moon and the stars

And the world and our lives

Ain't real

Have a look around you now

At the things that hold you in your prison cell

The way you choose to see

Is how you'll see the world

How you feel about yourself

Becomes your life

It's all a dream inside our minds

Please wake up and realise

That the moon

And the stars

And the world

And our lives

Ain't real

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