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Depression In a Nutshell

(paraphrased from a useful book I read a few years ago that changed the way I think)

The Three Types of depression

Type One - Feeling sorry for yourself

Type Two - Feeling sorry on behalf of people you know

Type Three - Feeling sorry for people you don't know

All three are pointless and don't get you anywhere.

Depression is nothing to do with what's going on around you, it's in your own head and only in your own head.

Listen to your own thoughts and when you spot yourself thinking something negative, tell yourself the opposite. You might not believe the positive version at first, but then why believe the negative one instead?

People just train themselves to be miserable and forget that they have the power within themselves to change it.

Nothing needs to change in your life, in your friend's or family's lives, or anywhere else in the world for you to start being happy.

When you are happy then changing things in life is so much easier