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7 Deadly Sins

If you think about the 7 deadly sins in terms of inner-peace

and happiness they make complete sense.

Gluttony - You can't feel nice and chilled if you're

belly's too full and you're regretting eating so much.

Greed - You can't be happy if you still want more.

Envy - You can't be happy if you want what someone else has.

Pride - You aren't likely to feel very relaxed

if you're obsessed with your own ego.

Lust - You can't feel very fulfilled if you

desperately need something to be filled.

Sloth - Nothing to do with staying in bed all day. Actually it refers to inner spiritual development, which is rather necessary if you want to stop worrying about things that aren't worth worrying about, which in turn leads to inner peace and happiness.

Wrath - You can't be happy if you want to break a face.