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People Are Great

We humans appear to have forgotten that we are great.

        Our wonderful brains seem to be filling up with absolute gibberish and slowly but surely ceasing to function in the manner they should. True we only use a small part of our brains, but if we can’t be trusted to use even the tiny bit we use at the moment we’ll be buggered when the rest switches on. If our noggins functioned at the full 100% capability and we could communicate without phones, computers or language and we could change our reality with the powers of our minds, most of us would visualize all sorts of hellish nightmares and we’d all transmit terrified screams into each other. Don’t quite fancy it myself. So I just thought I’d spend a few imaginary minutes reminding humanity how great it is.

But instead of remembering this we just allow ourselves to think we are crap and let the advertisers and governments let us think they have all the answers. They don't, we do, people are great (even advertisers and politicians) and everyone needs reminding.

We just seem to all be pinging bad vibes off each other back and forth, everyone seems to have given up. Whenever I hear conversations people are talking about money, houses, jobs or phones, talk about the lust for life evaporating. About the only other thing they talk about is TV so I tend to have little to say to most people. You know the whole alchemist soul of the world? Well my theory, (I feel I should warn you so you know what all of our tunes are about,) well it seems like we're all deliberately being made to feel shit about ourselves and each other so that we look to our government to look after us. Fuck that, we can all feel ok if we just choose to be.

If the soul of the world keeps only getting bad, selfish vibes of fear from everyone eventually we, and everything else will all be fucked.

I watched an episode of 24 recently and Jack Bauer (Satan) injected a tracking device (mark of the beast) into a kid to keep him ‘safe’, what a fucker! And he shot lots of people, giant fucker!! And it was dull as fuck.

So no more of that, just lots of writing and recording and gigging to tell everyone to cheer the fuck up and grow some round loveshaped bollocks that aren't in the hands of the evil global nazi posse.

(Y'know when they take me away, you will remember that I'm a pacifist and that I'm totally sane won't you?)

I do understand where it all comes from, I’m not just having a rant for no reason, when the United Nations released their report on the environment and said ‘we’re all doomed and it’s everyone’s fault’ (paraphrased) that could well have led to people feeling a bit low, for it wasn’t a very nice thing to say, making us all believe our kids are set to a life of pain and misery due to our own selfishness. Wasn’t that nice at all, especially as it’s not true. It’s a 12,000-year cycle we just don’t get told about by the control freaks.

The result? Do we all stand up and say ‘we know you lie about everything because you want us to feel weak and helpless so that we accept your global system, you be full of poo, be gone and let us prepare to evolve peacefully without the satanic guilt-trip?’ No, we all get cross with each other for not putting our milk bottles in the blue bin (or whatever colour yours happens to be). Nay, nay and thrice nay, once again the incorrect tree is being barked up. We blame each other because we’ve forgotten who we are. We’re only here on a holiday to check out what it’s like. Have a look at a decent book or do some yoga.

Our bodies are made of atoms that come from the soul of the world, we are all each other and we are all one. Our atoms interchange with every other human on the planet. And those same atoms interchanged with all the dead humans (if that’s how you wish to describe them). And all the dinosaurs. Your left foot has bits of Jesus in it and your right one’s a diplodocus. Fuck United Nations and their guilt trips, tell them to bollocks.

Send them a message right now, don’t write it, shut your eyes, think hard and tell them to bollocks. Everyone is great. Even the ones who don’t seem it. They are you and you are they. Imagine the biggest dickhead you can think of and try and guess which of their atoms are in your body. Fuck me, I’ve just found George Bush in my armpit.