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Satnam’s Tash

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If I was the president

And I said the world wasn't round

Would you believe me

Take it all as read

If I was president

And if I was the Prime Minister

And I said that ice-cubes

Could burn your house down

I bet you'd believe me

And disconnect your freezer

I'm sure I've said all this before

But you probably can't remember

Can you sweetie-pie

So let me refresh your memory

And you can forget it again

They are here now living next door

So to be safe lock up your door

I think it's Tuesday so who do I hate

I can't remember, I'm the president

There are 50 million cameras in homes

Money thrown at every problem

No solution and not meant to be

I’m not in control, I’m the President

And I heard the words come out of his mouth

But who is he he can't remember

Double-think and propaganda

Must be true it's in the paper

Nothing changes, Nothing ever

Until the day that it's all over

I hope I'll be around to see it

History stops and we won't remember

You used to laugh, you used to dance

Now you hold your head in your hands

Life was a dream, life was a ride

Now you sit and wonder why