Satnam’s Tash

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"Satnam's Tash defy pigeon holes, stick them in one and they'll pop up out of another, influences ranging from ska punk, The Stranglers and Beefheart to artrock God's such as Velvet Underground, catchy, quirky and consistently abstractually magnificent"

Will Robinson

"Quirky with everything from Lou Reed to Beefheart thrown in, songs as wonderfully obtuse as they are intrinsically difficult to play, one of the cities hardest gigging bands.

Nottinghamshire Pride

“Satnam’s Tash deliver an often brutally hectic set list, combining frantic bass and guitar, with an offbeat drum to add tempo. Mix all of this together with a singing style along the same lines as Lou Reed and you have a very unique experience on your hands.

Songs such as Traffic Warden and Happy Song show Satnam’s song writing ability, blending together comedy and social/political awareness to an acute level, whilst still maintaining their own individual sound.

While at times they do seem to be on the very verge of madness, as soon as you can look past that and concentrate on their musical ability and awareness of the world around them, you start to realise they may just be the most sane people possible.”

Sam Wilson

'Energetic band SATNAM’S TASH play guitars which sound like a summers day and play the type of music you can’t sit still to.'

Liz Riordan