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Traffic Warden

Twenty years ago as a cub scout

I used to carry a penknife with me

Back then I didn’t use the wine-opener

But I once carved my name in a tree

Nowadays if I had a penknife

 They’d take my penknife and my freedom away

Underage drinking and street-fights

Lead to police state and 3 units a day

The media highlight the problem

And we organize a big campaign

All the wars and big explosions

Are the work of the New World Order Brigade

And Granny can’t eat ‘cos she’s got false teeth and they’ve taken away the knives

She can’t eat meat ‘cos she’s been made vegetarian

Without vitamins and minerals she’ll die

My mother has a Golden Labrador

Misty and Willow my Sister

Each has a little implant so that you can find them on a massive computer

On the 20th of June I read that dogs are seen the same now as knives

So if you see a sweet old lady with a poodle better run for your lives

No one to go to the park with and at night you can’t hear them barking

Except the ones that come and get you with the police in the global police state

Oh we are fucked

Is one way to look at it

But it is not the only way to see

You are not a stupid mindless moron

You don’t need your hand held by big brother

Many, many traffic wardens

They ain’t done much so far

Going around the city

Putting tickets on parked cars

The governments got a solution

For when the social chaos occurs

And the cops are out fighting civilians

And the armies out fighting the world

They’ll give them the power to detain you

And to enter your houses too

They’ll be the ones who come and get you as the police in the global police state




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